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Drupal Job Boards have Launched! banner

Earlier this year, Cheeky Monkey Media and the Drupal Association began work on a new project for the community – the Drupal Job Boards feature. The Job Boards were to be an addition to the Drupal Association website and a means by which companies and organizations could reach out to the community with potential opportunities.

As the feature launches this week, the Cheeky Monkey Media team wanted to extend its congratulations to the Drupal Association, and express our thanks for being able to contribute to its development.

Working with the Drupal Association has been a great Adventure for our team, and we’d like to look back and present our top 5 Best Things About Working with the DA!

  1. DrupalCon 2015 was an awesome time for us, and we owe a lot of thanks to the Drupal Association for making introductions, hanging out with us, and generally giving our egos a nice boost the whole week!
  2. Getting to meet a lot of the people that work so hard behind the scenes at the Drupal Association was fantastic! You guys work so hard, it’s nice to be able to put faces to names, and be able to connect personally!
  3. The project was a great opportunity for us to give something back to the community, and we love that we were able to contribute something substantial for all Drupal users to enjoy!
  4. Over the course of the project, most of our team members were able to get in and contribute hours of work and expertise. Not only did we enjoy putting our talents to work, but the communication and collaboration with the Drupal Association team were fun and highly collaborative!
  5. Uh – we got to work with the Drupal Association! That’s like an Italian chef being asked to cater pasta for an Italian embassy party. Yeah – that’s a nice feather in our cap! Thanks, DA!

If you haven’t had a chance, head over to the Drupal Association website, and take a look at all of the great programs available for all Drupal developers and users! And, don’t forget to stop by the Job Board while you’re there!!

Cheers to the Drupal Association on the launch! We’re looking forward to continuing our work together as we tackle the designs for DrupalCon 2015!

To read the full Case Study on the Job Board project click here.