Discover why your website isn't performing like it should.

Optimize your site for first-page search results and exceptional user experiences.

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Improve Conversion Rates

A broken website creates a poor user experience for your audience. Frustration is a conversion killer.

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Search Engines Like Fast Websites

Does your website have extra 'stuff' slowing it down? We'll tell you what to keep, and what you can get rid of.

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Get Actionable Results

We do a 63-point inspection on the backend of your website. Then we help your prioritize what needs to be done.

Your audit includes:


  • CMS Version
  • CMS Core Up-to-Date
  • Hacked Check Complete
  • Best Practices
  • PHP Filter Not Enabled
  • Fast 404 Pages
  • Folder Structure


  • Can anyone create a user?
  • Authenticated Users do not have admin privileges
  • Files folder protected
  • Does password recovery work?
  • Are there HTTPS warnings?
  • Is there a valid SSL certificate?
  • Are any pages available on the search that should not be?


  • Recommended UI Modules/Plugins Turned Off
  • CMS Cache Turned On
  • CSS and JS Aggregation On
  • Varnish Enabled and Configured
  • Any Disabled Modules/Plugins Which Aren't Uninstalled
  • Rendered Output Caching
  • Query Results Caching
  • DB Log turned off, Syslog turned on and configured
  • Does switching to a server-side, non DB based caching system make sense? Memcache, Redis, etc.
  • Is PHP being run as a cgi-bin or mod_php? Can it be switched to cgi-bin?


  • Contributed Modules/Plugins Up to Date
  • Number of Custom Modules/Plugins
  • Custom Modules/Plugins Formatted Properly
  • Custom Modules/Plugins Working Properly
  • Any Contributed Modules/Plugins no longer supported
  • XSS, SQL Injection Issues
  • Secure Code Practices
  • JS and CSS included correctly
  • Enabled Module Count


  • Error Log Reports Activated - Syslog accessible


  • Do the data structures and relationships make sense for efficiency and for scalability/usability?
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Don't let your website take all of your time and energy. Use a Website Audit to get it working for you.

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We help large organizations like the National Hemophilia
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Donald Miyazaki
Executive Director
Professional Golfers' Association of BC

"We can’t recommend Cheeky Monkey Media enough for the work they are currently doing on our new website. We choose Cheeky Monkey Media as we felt that they would be the ‘best fit’ for our brand and so far it has not disappointed. I would highly recommend you contact Rick Bjarnason, CEO of Cheeky Monkey for a quotation and solution to your website enhancement."

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Jay Patel
Director of Online Marketing
National Hemophilia Foundation

"Before we partnered with Cheeky Monkey our websites were really slow. The sites were slow for the anonymous users that are just coming to the website to read and visit pages, but they were dreadfully slow for the logged in users who are content managers of the website. Since we’ve moved on to Pantheon and converted away from Microsoft, there has been a dramatic improvement on our performance. We see at least 50 to 75% quicker load times of our pages."

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Your website needs to make your job easier, not harder.

Audit your website today, and start seeing massive performance improvements.