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Don’t Doubt Design

January 31, 2020 / Kodie Beckley

  I’ve heard quite a few questions in my career as a designer, and a lot of them show just how nebulous and mysterious our job is to most folks. Questions like, “oh, so you make stuff look pretty?” or, “you draw like, logos and stuff?” and even, “…
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2020: New Year, New Trends.

January 20, 2020 / Danielle Thornton

Every year we see classic trends rise and fall. Things like ultra-minimalism with tons of white space, or brutalism in web design. Every year we see designs that become the latest craze. Below is Cheeky Monkey Media’s top five 2020 trend predictions: #…
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Part 3: Alphabetic Anatomy – Teaching You Type

November 7, 2019 / Kodie Beckley

In parts one and two we covered the absolute basics, and we looked at what “cases” mean. Now in part three let’s look at the skeletons of a sentence. That’s right. Sentence skeletons. Now, as a belated Halloween special we’ve got a lesson to spook the…
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Part 2: Sizing Up – Teaching You Type

October 16, 2019 / Kodie Beckley

Welcome back! Last time we took a look at the very basics of typography terminology. We went over the differences between a font and a typeface, sans-serif vs. script vs. serif typefaces, and how to identify each of them. This time we’re going to take…
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Part 1: The Basic Terms – Teaching You Type

October 4, 2019 / Kodie Beckley

Typography is one of those fields with a whole bunch of specialized terms to describe absolutely every single tiny part of every letter, sentence, paragraph, or page. If you aren’t a type nerd or a graphic designer, you probably haven’t ever had much o…
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Diving into Design – Doug Chiang

April 25, 2019 / Kodie Beckley

A long time ago in a galaxy (well, country, I guess) far, far away…. On February 16, 1962, a baby boy was born in Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan. His name was Doug Chiang. Little did his family know, their newborn son would become one of the most…
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Diving Into Design – Dieter Rams

April 5, 2019 / Kodie Beckley

Welcome to Diving into Design! This is the first article in a new series where our designer, K2, will take you on a journey back through the history of design. During each part of our journey, we’ll spotlight an incredible individual, passion-inspiring…
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Stock Wars: The Strangest Stock Images In The Galaxy

March 28, 2019 / Kodie Beckley

Has this ever happened to you? You need a specific image for a project. There’s nothing relevant in your stock folder. In the background a clock is ticking the seconds away until the deadline hits. The client hasn’t provided anything either! What the h…
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Unplug Your Router

July 16, 2018 / Kodie Beckley

3 reasons you need to get offline and go outside. K2 from Cheeky Monkey Media here. Alright, let’s be honest for a minute here. We’ve all spent our fair share of time browsing for ‘inspiration’. Today I’m going to going to tell you three reasons w…
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Your 2018 Guide To Web Design For Small Business Sites

May 2, 2018 / Cody Misura

Fancy web design isn’t just for the big dogs. In fact, web design for small business is one of the easiest ways to help your small business get ahead of the pack. Seriously–web design affects your SEO, which can boost (or hurt) your rankings in search…
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9 Ways to Create Unique UI Design

April 19, 2018 / Cody Misura

It might be surprising, but nearly half of all small businesses still don’t have a website! As web designers looking to create cool and unique designs for clients, this is great news. When it comes to unique UI design, the world is your oyster and it’s…
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Let’s Learn Logo Lingo!

April 3, 2018 / Kodie Beckley

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult talking to a designer. Vectors? Wordmarks? Kerning? Huh? To help you navigate those confusing conversations we’ve put together a guide detailing the various types and subtypes of logos that you can find out in the wi…
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