Treena Bjarnason

THE Cheeky Monkey (CXO)

If you have a position that requires extreme organization, unworldly people skills, intense multi-tasking ability, and the sanity (insanity?) to survive a high-pressure environment, who would you hire? If you’re used to thinking outside the box like we are, rather than searching for designations and accreditations, you find somebody that does these things as a simple matter of daily life.

Treena, our resident “tech noob” has managed to easily immerse herself in the world of the web, taking control of development projects with grace and humor. With a mom’s natural multi-tasking ability, a hospitality manager’s experience in customer service and high-pressure environments, a “motivational” method of communication (don’t let her guilt trip you), and a day-pass from the local mental hospital, Treena has managed to make the project management position her own.