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The Importance of a Project Manager

February 3, 2021 / Danielle Thornton

The biggest factors attributed to working with an agency are time, budget, communication – and ultimately – a successful project! Most clients understand the roles and responsibilities of developers, designers, and marketers. Yet when it comes to Proje…
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Scope Your Project: Timelines, Budgets, and Vision

April 28, 2020 / Danielle Thornton

About to start a small to large web project? One of the biggest factors is ensuring your idea, from conceptualization to a polished product, happens smoothly by having a detailed plan. Communication always is key, and one of the best ways to ensure you…
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7 Reasons to Get a Monthly Retainer for Business

September 28, 2017 / Cody Misura

Are you interested in purchasing a monthly retainer for your business agreements? We’re telling you why it’s a good idea and how important it is for business. As you grow your business, it can be helpful to hire on third-party resources to help fill an…
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The best way to explain technology

December 31, 2015 / Rick Bjarnason

The speed of light has nothing on the speed of technology. Lately, whenever I am having a conversation with someone outside of our industry, most of my time is spent explaining all the acronyms I am using.I think that most web development companies hav…
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Your Next Web Project Will Fail Miserably

December 23, 2015 / Dennis Powers

There are a number of reports in the IT world trying to quantify the percentage of software development projects (including website projects) that succeed or fail. The percentage of successful projects can be somewhere in the neighborhood of 32%. The r…
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Lets talk Basecamp

April 2, 2015 / Treena Bjarnason

Project Management tools are a necessary, and often an evil, part of our business. With so many choices and so many things to consider, how does one choose the best, most effective one? One of my favourite forums is Basecamp. It is incredibly simple to…
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Flexible Schedules

March 5, 2015 / Treena Bjarnason

One of the grooviest things about working in the tech industry, is the ability to work from almost anywhere. Your home, the office, a coffee shop, perhaps warm tropical places. All we need is access to the Net (we would take the fishing kind too), and…
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