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What are MVP Websites and Why They Matter to You

Establish your MVP website priorities with your team for a successful (and budget friendly) 2021

In 2021, the internet continues to be a dominant and necessary evil in a business’s success. Rebuilds, upgrades, redesigns, and all marketing actions need to be addressed to help companies and their websites stay relevant, accessible and secure. But marketers can attest – there are always more tasks than time, and the list keeps growing. So how does one decide which priorities to tackle first? (Or SHOULD tackle first?)  By establishing your MVP(s). Are you wondering what are MVP websites and why they matter to you?


What’s the definition of MVP?

Graphic of people building a website

An MVP, or Minimal Viable Product, is technically a more minimal web build approach than the typical multi-year planned web relaunch. But it gets your website launched FAST, and the other short and long-term benefits are HUGE.  And FYI – an MVP doesn’t mean a half finished website – it just means doing a smaller number of things to a high standard using a strategic, goal-based approach. Over time, features and functions are added, based on other website and company goals, and real-time user feedback.

It also means identifying and understanding the pain points of your website, then determining what features are the most important to address, are keys to keep you on track, on time, and on budget. And just as importantly, they’re keys to keeping your users happy with all aspects of your site!

In industries such as software, the MVP can help your WebOps team receive that user feedback as quickly as possible to iterate and improve the “product.” Here are a few examples of what some MVP’s could look like for an existing site:

  • User data-driven, results-oriented strategic website design changes
  • Strategic online marketing through SEO 
  • Website maintenance, security, speed, and stability 
  • Data analysis and reporting 
  • Strategy, planning, recommendations and consulting 

The above MVP examples would ultimately help with:

  • Improving conversions and client acquisition(s) through the website 
  • Supporting internal staff with website and marketing support 
  • Improving Google rankings
  • Keeping you on track and helping you manage the “squirrel syndrome”


Minimal Viable Product website



Establishing your website’s MVPs and understanding why they matter to you could be a real eye opener. It’s not uncommon to discover that what you and your internal team thought was the most important aspect to address on your website, isn’t. This is where having the right WebOps team members, both internal and external, is very important. 

By creating the RIGHT team to care for your website, you can move forward confidently, knowing you have a knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy troop whose common goal(s) is the success of your business.  We’re here to help when you’re ready to be the MVP of your MVP web project.