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Our monkeys have tricks and tips instead of ticks and fleas!

Hi there!

How’s your jungle today? Ours is full of too much coffee, multiple projects, and conflicting deadlines. Oh, and did we mention our nests need cleaning, our kids won’t get off our backs, the monkey chief is in a mood, and our significant others forgot to do their share of the household chores, again?

Some days it makes you want to screech in frustration.

So, how do we manage to stay on top of our projects, kickass, meet all our deadlines and still have time for nerf gun wars, dance-offs, and spending time with our families?

As a team, we have some of the basics down:

  • We start each day with a scrum meeting. We share our tasks for the day and bring up any blockers (tigers or sinkholes stopping us from meeting our deadlines). These are noted down and resolved one-on-one after the meeting.
  • We focus on giving constructive criticism… You know, when you focus on how to improve a project not on emphasizing all of the things that monkey a, b, and x did wrong
  • We accept people as they are. If one of the monkeys is having an off day, we send them to the corner to peel their pile of bananas in peace.
  • We think of traditional time wasters, i.e. nerf gun wars, as part of team building.

When you’re our client, you’re part of our team. We define our success by our client’s successes:

  • We focus on listening. We want to know what you need and why.
  • We like any kind of feedback. If something didn’t hit the mark, we want to know so we can make it better.
  • We check-in. A lot! The world wide web jungle is a big and scary place with lots of sinkholes and shady places. We make sure we guide you on your journey and keep you on a fun and exciting adventure, not on the worst trip of your life.
  • We’re honest. If we don’t think we’re the right guides for you, we’ll let you know. And, we’ll help you find someone that is.

And, while there is no “I” in the team or Monkey for that matter, everyone on the team has specific strategies for keeping their tails attached and their heads on straight.

Here are some of the additional tips our troop would like to share with you.

So, that’s it for us. Do you have any tips and tricks to share with us?  Share your story on Twitter, Facebook, by email, or by commenting below.

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