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What is a blog? In short definition, a blog is a resource for your readers. There are millions of blogs out there but how many of them are actually effective? When you choose to write a blog it’s important to blog effectively. You know…make sure what you are blogging actually makes sense and is a valued part of the online blogging world. A great man once said that “quality over quantity is better any day.” This is so true in the blogging world because your words need to have meaning and your blogging topic needs to speak to your audience. With that being said, here are some tips to help you blog effectively.

Make it Worthwhile

If you are going to blog about something, then make it worthwhile. This means that your audience should leave a better person. There is nothing worse than sitting down to read and you do not even understand what they are trying to write. When you write a blog post, make sure it’s a topic worth reading about. Write about a hot topic, a controversial topic, or something that’s new on the market. Engage your readers and involve them. After all, they are the reason you’re blogging…right?

Use Passion & Inspiration

As your read a blog post, you can tell if the writer has passion and inspiration. Some writers sit down and just ramble on and on! Are you that type of writer? If you are, then try and take a step back and think about why you want to blog. Ask yourself about your motive and why you are trying to reach your targeted audience. Always use passion and inspiration when you are reading. Your readers should be able to feel your emotion and experience in the words you are using.

Use Real Research

A lot of times when someone is blogging, they just put whatever they want down. However, in the real world of blogging, you have to be held accountable for what you write. If you are going to write it down, then it should be true. Instead of just making something up make sure it makes sense. Always check your facts. Another friendly blogger tip is to use original content. DO NOT copy someone else because it only hurts your Google ranking and overall website quality.

Pay Attention to Your Writing Style

How you choose to write your blog is everything. The blogger could have something really awesome to say but it’s overridden by bad grammar and poor word choices. Study up on your writing if you are not great at it. Make sure your targeted audience can read your blog and understand what you are trying to write. Your writing style should make sense to the audience you are trying to reach. For example, a technical audience is more interested in technical jargon.

Interact with Your Audience

Do you want people to faithfully follow your blog? Then make sure to faithfully interact with them. Cheeky Monkey Media wants to hear your comments and what you think. Please feel free to always tell us your thoughts, problems, or recommendations. Interacting with your audience is a great way to blog effectively. Feel free to interact on social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

What is the bottom line of blogging effectively?

Find a way to relate to your targeted audience. Do whatever it takes to make sure your blog relates to your audience. Remember that there are a ton of blogs out there but yours needs to stand out. Use fresh, researched, and relatable content and watch how far your blog will go.