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Mobile Phones are on the rise and not going anywhere anytime soon. It is predicted that by 2015 90% of the population in Australia will have a Smartphone. (Of course, 100% of the monkey world already has bananas). Because of this, businesses need to work to keep up with their mobile user’s needs.

As technology improves, modern users expect 24/7 mobile access to apps and services that they would receive on their laptop computers. If businesses want to stay competitive, they need to figure out ways to create their business apps for their mobile users. In doing this, they must support “new operating environments.” This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. The developers should reuse what is working and build what is needed.

There are several steps for these businesses in creating mobile apps. The first is to reuse and adapt. There is no reason to start from scratch. They should simply reuse what works and adapt as needed.

The second step is to test the mobile apps. This area “cannot afford to be compromised.” “By moving application testing for mobile, web, and related back-end systems to a more cost-effective environment that is easy to use, testing phases are able to be completed much faster and more thoroughly without eating into server or mainframe power.”

Finally, they should review their workload strategy in order to be ready for any future rises in mobile activity. The key for businesses that are supporting mobile users is to “access existing infrastructure.” They should not worry about rewriting systems but use as much as they already have as possible.

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