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Yesterday I was combing and I noticed a few things.  Online etiquette has really changed. Not that it was ever great, to begin with. If you are going to be a part of the Drupal community and post to forums, social media, and groups, then there is some form of etiquette you should consider. (Okay, monkeys are not the first primates to always get along, but we try!)

#1. Use Grammar

When posting to any Drupal group, you should use your best form of grammar. That means using complete sentences and punctuation. It’s hard enough to understand what some people are already saying online, so do the ape world a favor and just watch those sentence structures.

#2. Be Nice

When I was scanning the Drupal board I noticed someone was getting incredibly angry at the moderator. The original poster posted something that they were not supposed to and the moderator asked them to remove it. The OP got angry and went off on the moderator. Don’t forget that when you are posting to these boards, you are representing yourself and your company.

#3. Be Thorough

If you have a question or comment to add to the Drupal world, then make sure you are thorough. Try to think through what you are saying before you say it. This is especially true if you have a question because then people can answer your question in a timely fashion.

When you post in Drupal groups and forums, you should use regular online etiquette, but also keep in mind you are talking to a special group of people. The Drupal community cares about each other and is willing to take the time to answer questions. So the next time you contribute anything to Drupal, feel free to use an extra form of etiquette. It will build up your reputation and just make you look like a considerate human being. If you need more help learning Drupal Etiquette, check out this post here.