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I am absolutely shocked that I have been a “noob” now for 9 months! I find myself taking things for granted that would have knocked my brain cells lose back in November. For example, I somehow managed to wipe my laptop clean of all of my “techie tools” that I use every day for project management (at least I brought my laptop to work…SCORE!) I don’t know how or why the slate was wiped clean, but it was. Instead of the pure panic that I would have experienced so many months ago, I calmly, and logically started restoring all of my accesses…ALL ON MY OWN. Collective GASP! (self-high fives…again. Yes!)

The basic fact that I KNOW all of my “techie tool” applications’ names and URLs, (that’s right, I just used a geek abbreviation), is somewhat akin to mankind walking on the moon in my world. Completely surreal, yet very grounding at the same time. And like an astronaut, I assume, it makes me feel “out of this world” awesome! One small step for man, one giant leap for tech-noob kind. I also am very aware that I cannot get through a day at the office without these wonderful tech aids, which I cannot believe I just stated. But alas, it is as true as the fact the sky is blue, and I will never understand how code actually functions. Testify!