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When it comes to choosing the font for your website, you only want to have the best. That’s why Cheeky Monkey Media has taken it upon themselves to choose a few pieces of font that really help your website stick out.


–is a san-serif typeface loved by many designers and developers. It has a long history and has been long considered one of the best fonts of all time. Helvetica was created in 1957 by a Swiss man and continues to make an impact on the Internet.

Thanks to for the nice mention of this font.


–is a typeface that is very clear-cut and easy to read. This is ideal for websites that want a professional, but easy-going feel.


— is a beautiful and clear typeface that some would describe as very versatile. It can be used to showcase a variety of styles and colors, but the overall theme is very basic and usable. This typography is perfect for logos and headings because of its realistic nature.

Thanks to for displaying this beautiful font for all to see.


— if you are looking for a unique, but very strong typeface, then this could be the typography for you. Some would describe this as a very elegant type of font.

What typography preferences do you have?