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If you follow our monkey ramblings, then you know we are pretty hardcore about Drupal. We can sit there and preach about why we think Drupal just makes a large difference in the life of a website, but we also want to show you the difference it makes. If you own a website, then you want the best content management system available. There are many reasons why Drupal is the best CMS system out there, but let us break it down a little for you:

Easy for the webmaster to learn to use

Drupal is great in the fact that even a webmaster can learn to use it. A Drupal developer can give easy directions to the webmaster and then he or she can have free reign in delivering the content the way they want. Not to mention the keywords can be optimized to make sure the content is meeting the search engine algorithms.

Amount of support

The amount of support that Drupal can give a webpage is pretty amazing. Drupal developers can work with you to create specific functionalities that you want as well. When working with a company like Cheeky Monkey Media, you have choices and a team that will work out the kinks with you. Drupal allows flexibility, so you do not have to fear being stuck with a content management system that does not work.

Friendly features

Some webmasters spend hours trying to figure out their CMS and how it relates to their success on search pages. The nodes in Drupal actually help the different types of content on a webpage supported by Drupal. Truly the options are endless with Drupal’s friendly features.

Drupal Community

One major perk of using Drupal is the Drupal community itself. Here are some advantages to the Drupal Community

  • Huge developer community
  • Over 8000 modules are listed on
  • 600,000 plus more users are on
  • Almost 400,000 websites run on Drupal

Benefits of Drupal

Drupal does carry some unique features that are hard to find with any other CMS.

  • Organization
  • Creative Content
  • Administer
  • Collaborate
  • Build
  • Design and Display
  • Connect

If you would like to read more about the benefits of Drupal, then make sure you check out Drupal’s homepage.