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Everybody loves pretty graphics. After all, there is nothing better than shiny new icons, pretty widgets, or a clever Mascot (ya like Brian our Top Chimp), right? WRONG!

If you are looking for pretty, shiny, or clever then go watch Star Wars. What you should be more concerned with is if your site actually converts. Actually, now that I think about it, some of you might be concerned with what “Converts” means. No, I am not trying to get you to join some religious cult. I am referring to the number of people that actually do what you want them to do. Still, no clue what I am talking about. Read on.

Step 1

Who the heck is supposed to be coming to your website? Yes, I know you want more traffic which should mean more sales. But, come on! Let’s get specific here.

Let’s pretend that your website is your house, and because you can’t figure out how to send private events on Facebook, you just invited a bunch of people over for a Birthday party. Now you have a thousand people at your front door ready to walk on your carpets with muddy shoes. Let me ask you this, all these people coming over to your house, is this a good thing? Or would you rather that you had only invited family and friends?

So first step, figure out who you are inviting to your website.

Step 2

Figure out what they are going to do when they get there.

So, I am a pretty big sports fan. If a buddy of mine invites me over to watch the game, you better believe I am bringing some beer. Now, if I get there and find out that there is a kid’s birthday party going on? Guess what? I am out of there faster than a dog can raise his leg…

So second step, figure out visitor expectations and meet them.

Step 3

Make sure they want to come back.

I am on a roll here with house parties, so we might as well keep going. The first thing to remember, we all don’t live in mansions and that is ok. Your house does not have to be amazing, sure that is great if it is, but I am betting most of us are happy with a good meal and a clean house.

Now if you apply this same logic to your website. People are not always looking for the wow effect, instead, they are happy just reading some good content in an easy-to-read environment, kind of like eating a good meal in a clean house 😉

Makes you think about your website a bit differently doesn’t it?