Cheeky Monkey Media did a good job. We had our meetings once a week to be updated on the progress and what was coming up the next week.

~ PATRICK DAVIES, CEO, URATED (Social Media Platform)

The Situation

URated is a Social Application used to rate and review anything from restaurants and retail stores to golf courses and dentists. The problem they had discovered was that typed reviews were becoming inauthentic and mundane. They felt like anyone sitting behind a computer could become an internet social warrior without actually going to that ‘place’ to try it out. It quickly had become apparent to them that these ‘fake’ reviews were unfair to everyone. Users were being lied to and owners couldn’t fix the situations (reviews) that proved false. URated decided it was time for a change. They wanted to create a new mobile rating/reviewing, video application that showed proven and trusted reviews of actual users documenting their experiences (retail, restaurants, etc…)

The Solution

URated needed our expertise to assist in determining the necessities of the prototype for the app. They had a lot of ideas and it took a steady stream of communication to hash everything out which was crucial for getting URated and the Monkeys on the same page. We determined the basic features needed to get rolling such as video, push notifications, social media integrations and location services. The strategy was to keep the prototype simple and user friendly, while maintaining the ability to add more functionality throughout the process as we learned what worked and what didn’t.

We utilized in depth brainstorming sessions with the client as to have all ideas prioritized and conceptualized, then filtered down and grouped accordingly. Due to the clients’ hands on stance, everyone was on the same page every step of the way which allowed for a very smooth and quick turnaround on our beginning deliverables.


Now it was time for our production team go to work and create. We were using Axure to build the prototype which allowed us to put together a high level static wireframe and concept boards. These tools allowed us to show the client all of the prototype backend processes and front end features. From there, we showed URated that users could review anything in real time with a video instead of relying on a written message, and that it was also very user friendly. We incorporated the requested core feature of the rating system must happen within a specific range of the business being rated. (allowing the rating to happen within range of the business would permit the business owner, if they were a partner, the potential to address any bad reviews).

Quality Finish

After extensive internal testing and QA with URated, we were able to deliver an unique dynamic prototype that met all of the intricate functionalities requested by URated. This medium fidelity prototype was presented to URated’s investors (who were very impressed) and they agreed to provide funding for the next phase of the project. This end result was a huge success for both URated and the Monkeys. Our client was ecstatic with us and we were all proud of the team effort and work put into such an interesting project.