NLC CTEOG Case Study

About Northern Lights College (NLC)

Northern Lights College (NLC)  is B.C.’s Energy College™, serving northern British Columbia in an area covering more than 324,000 square kilometers. NLC is a member of British Columbia Colleges, a provincial group of 11 colleges throughout the Province of British Columbia. BC Colleges has a unique regional advantage and a long history of collaboration with industry, employers, communities and policy makers. This collaborative approach allows BC Colleges to graduate highly skilled workers who are equipped to support their families, build healthier communities and power the economy in all regions of British Columbia. The college had a new project, to create a microsite for the NLC Center for Training and Excellence in Oil and Gas. 

About the Project

NLC reached out to Cheeky Monkey again, this time to build a microsite for the funded NLC Center for Training and Excellence in Oil and Gas (CTEOG) The microsite was to be built off a Master Template that Cheeky had designed previously, which required a few updates in order to adhere with the style guide provided by NLC.


The requirements for the project were as follows:

  • The microsite had to consist of no more than 10 static pages
  • For ease of use, press releases were to be posted using the blog feature, with the most recent being accessible via the home page and all others on a fully templated page.
  • A fully designed and built microsite reflecting the branding provided by NLC.

The Challenge

The template made with specific purpose in mind & needs were outside the scope of the template so it needed customization - retrofitting requirements into template that wasn’t built for them. 

NLC runs their websites on virtual machines, which added a layer of complexity to the project, as they can cause lag time on website load times.


In order to ensure that the template worked for the requirements, we added an accordion to the Careers page. In addition to the accordion, additional changes to the styling of the site were made to reflect the style guide we were given. In some cases, some of the visual elements were removed, and others added to fit the goal of the website.


The changes we made to the Master Template worked great for the oil & gas website. Subtle changes like decreasing the height of the footer, and changing the colours to those of the oil and gas logo gave a different feel to the website, while keeping it in line with the NLC brand as a whole. 



See how NLC’s CTEOG microsite project was designed and developed to ensure oil and gas employers in BC have the trained workforce they need. With the development and launch of this microsite, the CTEOG is able to provide information, contacts, and resources for training institutions in BC that want to create education and training programs for the oil and gas industry. 

It was an interesting project to be a part of, and Cheeky Monkey loved being able to build a unique microsite to benefit NLC's Center of Training Excellence in Oil and Gas.