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What is Brand Marketing: Understanding Its Main Goals

What do companies like Apple, Starbucks, and McDonald’s have in common? These are brands famous all over the world. They didn’t get popular overnight though. Their success came from years of hard work and marketing trial and error. Now these companies have perfected the art of brand marketing!

What is Brand Marketing?

Many people often mistake marketing as a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are different types of marketing strategies. Marketing is what a company does to make consumers aware of their products and services. There are different types of marketing. For instance, you have brand marketing and digital marketing. There’s also email marketing and affiliate marketing.

Not all marketing strategies are equal. All the methods aim to bring a company more clients. The difference lies in the execution.

Brand marketing is a vital marketing method. It’s a means of promoting products or services by promoting the whole brand. The focus is on building a relationship between the brand and its clients. This will increase brand recognition. It also builds a company’s reputation among its target audience.

What are the Goals of Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing can boost a company’s dominance in its market. It uses an array of marketing strategies, styles, and techniques. For instance, a company can do sponsored commercials or online advertising. They can also do digital marketing and social media marketing.

Brand marketing has specific goals. They are:

  • Build a Strong Identity

A brand’s identity or image is vital. It’s the brand’s personality and the linchpin of a company’s marketing plan. Brand identity covers the name, taglines, and logo design. It also encompasses the color scheme, fonts, and images used by the brand.

Marketers know it’s important to set clear guidelines when building an identity. This will ensure that the brand identity is consistent. Look at McDonald’s. It has a distinct logo and color scheme. Anyone who sees red and yellow stripes will think of this fast food. This is critical as a strong brand identity creates brand recognition. Consumers will have an easier time differentiating the brand from its rivals.

  • To Raise Brand Awareness

Every company offers a product or service, and they offer this to a specific market. But there are thousands of companies offering the same thing. A good example is the soft drink industry. Most of them are indistinguishable from one another. Data shows consumers always choose Coke and Pepsi. This is because of brand awareness.

Brand awareness or brand recognition is a key marketing metric. It gauges consumers’ familiarity with a company or product. Companies have to fight to ensure their market knows them. Brand awareness ensures the consumer will choose their product over others.

  • Tell a Captivating Story

Every brand has a story. It tells the consumer about the brand’s values. It also shares why the brand does what it does. An extensive and effective marketing strategy helps communicate these values to the consumer. It also helps develop a story that will resonate with the target audience.

Nike is a master act in brand storytelling. The company hit a goldmine when it focused on creating emotional connections. Its 2021 “Play New” campaign focused on people trying a new sport. It showed people trying, failing, and succeeding in their endeavors. It’s motivational and compelling.

  • Build Loyalty

Brand marketing is a long-term effort. It’s not a one-and-done strategy. One of the pillars of brand marketing is brand loyalty. Companies that developed this have strong customer retention.

Getting new customers is important. There’s no question there. But there’s nothing better than having loyal customers. They give a company a dependable customer base. The best brand marketing campaigns create trust between the company and the customer. This isn’t done by telling the consumer that they can trust the brand. You build trust by being consistent with the brand messaging.

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