Screenshots of the Website Design

The Situation

Do you remember the last time you bought a new vehicle? A lot of times, heading to the car dealership, and dealing with salespeople can be an unnerving experience. Now, with Inside Track people can define their automobile needs and get the best price on new and used vehicles all without ever setting foot on a lot!

When Inside Track approached Cheeky Monkey Media, they knew they were in need of some 21st century technology love. Working from massive Excel spreadsheets to manage data, it was clear Inside Track needed significant database work, and help defining a more automated process to make not only client vehicle selection easier, but to improve their own abilities to process requests.

Quite plainly, the massive array of data, coupled by the issues posed to the integrity of information and organization, made expansion and growth of the company difficult. With a better workflow, more centralized system, and a smoother user experience, Inside Track knew they would be in a better position to exceed client expectations while paving the way for future success.

The Solution

There were a number of different items that needed to be appropriately conceptualized, defined, and built to make the Inside Track processes easy for clients to use. Before the multitudes of data could be broken down, it was necessary to clearly identify a straightforward workflow. This involved deciphering how clients would proceed to filter through 1000s of vehicle options in order to arrive at an easily digestible list of potential purchases. But more than just organize a workflow, the Cheeky Monkeys needed to create a system that could be built into developing a functioning web application.

Over the course of the project, significant hours were spent on User Experience design, and testing. From conceptualization of the workflow, custom software modules needed to be built in order to handle the information, stages, and steps. On top of that, the system needed to integrate into other programs and databases (Chrome ADS, Infusionsoft, PayPal) in order to meet the full spectrum of needs. At the end of the day, the Inside Track project challenged every Monkey – from Design to Development – to stretch their limits in order to create a completely custom software application that would redefine an entire business.

Despite the size and scale of the undertaking and the numerous challenges presented, to the credit of the team - the hardest part of the project was in organizing the massive amounts of data. Regardless of the amounts of custom development, user experience design, and programming integrations, the monkeys were able to prevail due to the talent, skill and experience within. Though the Inside Track project pushed each team member to their limits, the Monkeys were able to succeed by simply aspiring to be better than they had previously imagined.