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About CanDo Immigration


Located in Kelowna, British Columbia, CanDo Canadian Immigration Services has operated for over 35 years. They're committed to providing immigration services with excellence, honesty, passion, and respect. It's their mission to take care of all the steps and procedures required to come to Canada temporarily or permanently. Their team is made of experts in immigration law, processes, and services, who pride themselves on professionalism and efficiency. 

Cando Immigration Website


Project Overview


Targeting Their Markets

One of the main focuses of CanDo’s website update was to increase the number of study permit applications and business applications. Some of the core markets they wanted to target were Brazil, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Mexico. 

With a lot of information across the site, it was very informative, but information could get lost, and the overall flow of the site didn’t point towards conversion. Plus, heavy English text could feel off-putting or intimidating to users whose first language isn’t English.


Services for CanDo included:

  • Website Assessment and Audit
  • Google Analytics Configuration
  • CTA Development & Wireframe
  • Homepage Design Update
  • Keyword Research
  • PPC Consultation & Recommendations
  • Landing Pages Consultation & Edits

Ongoing maintenance and updates would be assessed each quarter to ensure things were moving in the right direction. 



Getting Technical

Three technical changes were recommended for CanDo’s update.

The website was using a custom Foundation based theme which meant that content types were hard coded directly into the theme, requiring a developer anytime content updates were needed. An update to a WordPress core, plugins, and themes allowed for easier and more responsive updates.

We take the security of websites very seriously. It was important to us to replace CanDo’s out-of-the-box security with an enhanced security plugin that could be configured exactly to the CanDo team’s needs. 

CanDo’s original website lacked caching and minification, which meant each page would take significant time to load. By minimizing the code and markup in the web pages and script files we were able to improve site loading speeds which instantly make for a better user experience and less user drop-off. 


Designed to Reflect the Brand

Brand colours reflect a company’s personality and using consistent colours is key to strengthening brand awareness. While standardized, CanDo appeared to have varying blues, reds, greys, and whites across their website. Selecting one primary and one secondary colour helped to give the website consistency and a modernized feel. 

Images were updated across the site to ensure it felt up-to-date and modern. Something as simple as creating standardized staff images can have a positive effect on the brands’ overall image. 

Updates to the design also included redesigning the Call-to-Action and making it standardized across the website. We want people to easily find it and take action. 

The last major design update was to the navigation menu as it felt a bit clunky. To help guide the user through the funnels properly a modern design and placement was implemented. 


Improved SEO and Analytics

The CanDo team has more important things to do than dig through the Analytic interface. To save them time and effort a customized Google Analytics dashboard was set up. We also enabled Google Tag Manager and reorganized Goals within Analytics to better reflect CanDo’s information needs. To gain more clarity and understanding of the website audience we enabled Affinity Reports and In-Market Segments.

To ensure that potential immigrants can get the information they need CanDo’s website can be translated into over 90 languages. Reviewing keywords terms and demographic information could point out any language issues on the site. 

AdWords were optimized to minimize wasted spend and streamline cost per acquisition. 

Marketing to the Right Audience

By clarifying the audience Cheeky Monkey was better able to plan the conversion path and map out the user flow. A clear, consistent call-to-action ensured that users were taking the appropriate next step. In some cases this meant replacing simple in-text links with larger buttons. Overall, the goal of the redesign was to help users feel guided. 

Lastly, Cheeky Monkey focused on reorganization of content, layout, and menu. Meaning that users would be able to find the information they need faster and with fewer clicks. 




Helping More People

Within three months of launching the new site, CanDo Immigration saw the following improvements:

  • Web traffic doubled
  • Paid Ad Traffic steady increased, doubling and peaking at tripling over the 3 month period
  • Trackable conversion improvements up 75%
  • Conversions via Paid sources tripled