"Our website needed a real kickstart. The team at Cheeky Monkey Media has been able to do that and more! They were able to give us the fresh look and feel that we were looking for. They’re professional, responsive, thoughtful, and they bring great energy and ideas to the table. Cheeky Monkey has been able to translate our ideas and vision, giving our organization a stronger web presence. The Cheeky Monkey team have truly been a pleasure to work with!"
~Mike Martignago, Manager, Marketing & Communications, SportMedBC

Yes, We Still Do Complete Website Projects

Yes - we're highly focused on working with clients through an iterative program of ongoing services called WebOps, but we still help organizations that just want to go through a large scale overhaul. The benefit of working with the Monkeys? With 200,0000 hours behind our design, development and marketing talent, combined with expert web maintenance services, this could be the last website rebuild project your company ever needs to do.

What Will Your Unique Web Adventure Be?

Over the years, adventurers from many different industries have come to Cheeky Monkey Media looking for a partner that could help them with professional website development and inspiring designs. While there are many similarities between industries when it comes to web development and design, each industry and organization has a set of unique needs and requirements. We work with you to make sure that we understand exactly what your company's unique requirements and goals are.

Corporate Website Design & Development

Our corporate clients tell us that improving return on investment (ROI), appealing to stakeholders, and taking corporate social responsibility into account are key factors in their decision-making process. Our design & development solutions help companies consolidate and organize their data in a single place, streamline business processes, and integrate internal and external software and technologies. If your organization needs to review the goals of the website, develop an effective strategy for digital marketing, and build a fantastic online representation of your brand, Cheeky Monkey Media can help.

Need more proof of purchase? Start by taking a look at how we helped UniWorld centralize their data management.

UniWorld Project

Nonprofit Web Development

Juggling multiple priorities and initiatives is a staple of life in the non-profit sector. In fact, in some ways, the nonprofit world is a lot like running a tech startup! With small, passionate teams, wearing multiple hats and managing a wide spectrum of responsibilities is common. When you’re this busy, with a board to please and strict budget constraints, you need a website that’s working for you, not against you.

Cheeky Monkey web solutions for nonprofit organizations help to create easy-to-use information hubs where members and prospective members can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. With a well-designed website that attracts and engages prospective donors and volunteers, and converts them into enthusiastic and involved supporters, nonprofit organizations are able to maximize the value of their web properties.

Take a look how we helped the National Hemophilia Foundation with their Victory for Women website.

The Victory for Women Project

Higher Education Web Development

Another high-pressure situation with multiple ongoing priorities, the life of a Higher Education web marketing team is managing an ever-expanding list of tasks. With a full team of experienced web developers, Cheeky Monkey Media helps institutions tackle significant online projects without sacrificing internal resources.

By working with a talented team of agency professionals, schools are able to simplify and ease the pressure of online web development tasks. Cheeky Monkey solutions for Higher Education help institutions promote their campus and facilities, provide reams of information on faculties and programs, and attract interest and registrations from prospective students. If your department is ready to ease the pressures that come with a full-scale web development project, Cheeky Monkey Media is there to carry the load.

eCommerce Solutions

These days, organizations need everything from the standard catalogue and cart components to full eCommerce solutions. Whether you’re ‘just’ selling tickets to an event or managing multiple products and services, your website will need reliable eCommerce features and functions.

By marrying reliable technology (Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce) with effective design and digital marketing best practices, Cheeky Monkey eCommerce solutions can help you promote your products, attract browsers, and convert them to buyers. With the ability to integrate multiple languages, currencies, member management systems, and social media profiles with the eCommerce basics - shopping carts, checkout forms, product catalogue management - our web design & development team can help get your web store online.

Mobile Friendly & Responsive Web Design

With more than 50% of users now viewing websites on their mobile devices, Cheeky Monkey builds websites that look awesome and work great on any screen. These days computer and mobile devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and our talented creative team creates inspired designs that will look great on every screen - from smartphone to tablet (and even those weird shopping mall screens).

With a 'mobile-first approach,' every component is designed to ensure appropriate breakpoints and key elements are considered in the final layout. To reap the SEO benefits of mobile-friendly design and top-notch web technologies, our team can help your organization reach a wider audience.

Let's Talk About Your Web Development Project

If you need highly experienced help for your Drupal or WordPress website development project, connect with our team to find out how we can help guide your organization to an evolved online presence.