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The Situation

SportMedBC is an organization comprised of sports medical and paramedical practitioners, with the mission to promote leadership, public awareness and education in sport health. Before engaging in their website redesign, the site was an amalgam of pieces that were integrated to add functionality while keeping overhead and expenses low. The result was a site that presented navigation challenges to users, and made it difficult for staff to manage. Built on an older version of Drupal, the site had expanded far beyond the usability threshold, and it was time for a full scale renewal.

With so much information, and with an audience composed of medical practitioners, sports enthusiasts and athletes, it became necessary to build a site that made navigation much more intuitive for all users. As well, SportMedBC wanted to be sure that the new site would be able to flex to their current needs, and remain scalable for future plans and ongoing growth. Cheeky Monkey Media came into the picture with a clear plan of attack to re-organize the site structure, and with the experience to bring SportMedBC’s outdated Drupal platform back up to current standards.

The Solution

The first hurdle to overcome in the project was the outdated Drupal platform, and the modules that had been integrated. By upgrading the site to Drupal 7 and its improved administrative themes, Cheeky Monkey Media was able to alleviate many of SportMedBC’s web management issues. More than just upgrading to D7, the site saw a significant upgrade as Ubercart – a Drupal eCommerce module – was phased out in favor of Drupal Commerce, an updated and improved online shopping platform. With this in place, the site was made easier for users looking to register for courses and programs, as well as for those just seeking to purchase items.

With better technology being applied, it was necessary for Cheeky Monkey Media and SportMedBC to work closely on the re-organization of content, and the development of a smoother user experience. With a full scale Information Architecture review and redevelopment, advanced wireframe creation, and a custom graphic design, the website began to take shape. Through the methodical application of Cheeky Monkey’s strategy & planning phases, the resulting layouts and site structure were far more in tune with SportMedBC’s audiences, while ensuring that important content and information was easy to find. At the end of the day, Cheeky Monkey Media helped SportMedBC breathe a little more life and vigor into a site that had hit the runner’s wall.