The Cheeky Monkey Team is great to work with! They are fast and efficient, and do an amazing job of keeping their clients updated during the project. They not only kept me informed on the project status, but also on the budget too. I highly recommend the Cheeky Monkey Team!

Gordon Food Services Screenshots

About Gordon Food Service

Starting as a simple egg and butter delivery service, Gordon Food Service has grown to be the largest family-operated food distribution company in North America. They work with restaurants, schools, universities, healthcare facilities, hotels, stadiums, and many other businesses.

Over their 120 years of service they have evolved with their customers’ demands to provide a variety of solutions. In addition to food delivery they provide product training and consulting to help their customers – from how to best manage their delivery schedules to providing advice from chefs and dieticians.

They currently employee over 20,000 workers across the USA and Canada.

Annual Celebration

Gordon Food Service Annual Celebration 2019 required a reskinning and updates to their existing website. The purpose of the website was to inform GFS employees of the upcoming event including the event schedule, entertainment, and other relevant information.

The annual event was renamed from Annual Meeting to Annual Celebration which required a new domain name. All existing links to the original site would need to be redirected to the new domain.

Serving up a New Look

Working with the GFS Celebration team our designers and developers reskinned the website to match the artwork and branding of the upcoming event. The project included creative design, creation of new elements, and replacing assets.

After the event a link to a survey was required to gather feedback from guests to better inform their future events.