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According to Google, web development is described as the following:

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). …

We think that’s a pretty good definition, so we’ll just leave it. I mean, you can’t really argue with the basics of web development. Since web development is one of our specialties, I figured you might want to know what this particular skill includes.


Since web development is such a broad term, you should know that we focus on Drupal and WordPress web development. Web development teams can consist of one person or a whole team of monkeys. If you are running a web development company it probably makes sense to have a whole team of devoted monkeys hanging around. Web development can also include jobs like web design. Without web development and web design, what would our websites look like today? The reason it’s so important to understand these terms is that web developers are the future of our websites. Without experienced teams, how would a proper website ever be built?

Now that your curiosity about a web developer is satisfied, you may want a little more to chew on. Lots of companies offer web development services, but you really should be careful who you pick. You want to pick a company with the following characteristics:

  • Experience: experience is needed to build websites and combined experience is even better.
  • Team: a team of web developers is always better than one. Why? You ask. Well, there are many parts to building a website. Having experts is a good thing
  • Education: a great web developer team doesn’t just stop learning. A great developer team is always about the continued education

I hope we answered some questions about basic web development. It seems simple and yet so complicated all in one. If you want a great website built, then it’s important to know those banana logistics.

Are you thinking of having a website built? Cheeky Monkey Media can help! We specialize in web development, drupal web development, templates, and WordPress sites and design.