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What is Drupal - Cheeky Monkey Media

Designing and developing a website is as challenging as it is satisfying. So is managing websites or creating digital content for them. Most web developers and creators are up for the challenge. But tools that will make their lives easier are always welcome.

One such tool is Drupal. It’s a name that often comes up among the industry’s best and brightest. But what is Drupal? Why are more professionals opting to use it? This post will provide you with an overview of this system.

Understanding Drupal

The simplest explanation is Drupal is a content management system. It’s an open-source software that you can use for free. It’s developed with PHP. It’s under the GNU Public License.

It’s a program designed to build and maintain websites. It’s also the best system for online directories and e-commerce stores. Developers also use Drupal for managing intranets and various types of digital content.

Developers and marketers find Drupal a godsend. Its tools and workflows make structuring and developing web applications easier.

What Does It Offer?

Drupal has many critical features. It’s like a gift that’s always giving. You discover more features as you keep using it. This enables you to leverage the system’s potential with each Drupal upgrade. Here’s a brief rundown of Drupal’s features.

  • Authoring and Editing: Drupal uses a WYSIWYG tool. This allows for fast and easy content searching. It also makes drafting, editing, and publishing seamless.
  • Layout Builder: The program has a robust layout builder. It’s the ideal no-code solution for those who want to develop interactive pages. They won’t have any problems using the drag-and-drop UI and template layouts.
  • Customizable Workflow: Developers and users can track content updates. They can also preview and access previous versions.
  • Wide Media Support: The program supports video and audio files. It can also manage images. It makes handling various remote content from different social media platforms easier.
  • Accessible Media Library: This library lets users add current media to the website. There’s also a streamlined process for uploading newer items.
  • Cache Systems: The program’s caching system is always optimized for performance. This helps improve a company’s performance and scalability.
  • Theme System: This allows users to create a responsive and distinct front end. They can also select a framework based on their brand policies.
  • Form Builder: Drupal offers a flexible tool that lets users make different forms. They can create something basic, like contact forms. They can also develop complex application forms.
  • Easy Scheduling: Drupal uses a planner to help plan content. This makes it easier for users to schedule content publishing dates.

Why You Should Use Drupal

Drupal has some amazing statistics. Did you know that 1.7 million live websites online use this program? Drupal is also powering 2,000 government websites. It’s also used by many of today’s top websites. If you need more convincing, consider the following benefits.

  • It’s Secure

CMS security is vital, and nothing beats Drupal’s security system. It’s the most effective. It has a reliable framework that guarantees safety and satisfaction to enterprise clients. The company also provides regular patches. It’s why top companies use Drupal for their web applications.

  • It Offers Flexible Integration

One of the best things about Drupal is its integration. It can help users in creating and managing various content types. Users won’t have problems developing and maintaining blogs and vlogs. You can throw in some podcasts and statistics there as well.

The flexible integration allows users to make rich and compelling content. It’s also why Drupal is ideal for eCommerce and media-heavy sites.

  • Scale with Ease

Scalability is not a problem with a Drupal upgrade. This is a distinct feature of the system. Even novice users with a basic understanding of Drupal can scale their sites. They can boost their pages’ content and traffic with ease. They don’t even have to make any big adjustments. Drupal also gives excellent service even when moving between traffic spikes.

One Last Thing

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