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What is a CMS | Cheeky Monkey Media

Almost all businesses have an online presence. This often means a website and social media accounts. The importance of going digital was obvious during the pandemic. The companies that did well were those able to leverage technology and move it online.

An effective and efficient online presence means having a well-designed website. It should also be easy to use. Especially as today’s consumers do some serious research before buying.

It’s not easy to do website maintenance. Especially if you also have to manage digital content. It’s often challenging and time-consuming. Larger and more successful firms have an IT department to handle this. Small and medium companies have to rely on CMS.

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for content management system. It’s a powerful tool that helps users create and manage a website. This software application also allows users to manage their site’s content.

The best thing about CMS is you don’t need coding knowledge to use it. It’s why this software has been a godsend to many small businesses. CMS is so ubiquitous now it’s the backbone of more than 73 million websites.

A CMS will help your company’s website stay online and relevant. You can also create and publish your content on this system. The best CMS apps have an easy-to-use interface that you can manage and change your content with no issues.  but it will also allow for easy and consistent updating of the user-side part of the website.

How Does the CMS App Work?

A CMS has a graphical user interface. It also comes with tools that help you create, publish, and edit web content. The software has two key elements. One is the content management application (CMA). The second is the content delivery application (CDA).

The former is the graphical interface. It’s where you can design your website or create content. You can also change and remove said content from your site. The system’s design allows you to do this even without HTML knowledge.

The CDA part contains the back-end services. It provides support management and delivery of the content.

Why Your Business Needs CMS

In an ideal world, companies will have a team dedicated to website management. That’s not always possible in the real world. CMS ensures you can do all that and more without missing a beat. It also helps you streamline your workflow. This gives you more time to focus on the nitty-gritty of running the company. Here are other reasons your business needs CMS.

  • It’s Full of Customization Options

Most CMS have a wide range of customization options. This makes webops easier for users. They can adjust the design and look of their website. They can even install and change themes every quarter if they prefer. The customization choices cover everything, from colors to menu design and content display.

CMS also allows for plugins and extensions. These can help you create shopping carts and contact forms. There are also extensions for image compression, enhanced security, and spam protection. There are plugins for a variety of features and almost all only need one click to install.

  • It’s Easy to Use and Navigate

Its simplicity and easy navigation are two reasons why CMS has gained traction. No one wants to use software or applications that would need time to figure out. CMS lets you manage content creation without any fuss.

Most CMS are also compatible with mobile devices. This means your website and content will look good on any smartphone. It’s a critical feature as more people rely on their smartphones. You have to double-check that plug-ins and add-ons are compatible with gadgets though.

  • It’s Cost-Effective

Web maintenance can cost a pretty penny if your website is static. You’ll have to hire a web designer every time you want to make changes or add content. It might also take time before updates appear on your site. That’s time wasted on waiting instead of closing deals.

You don’t have to worry about that with CMS. You don’t need to hire a web developer to make site changes. You can do it yourself. You can also upload and publish content with little downtime. You can even delegate it to a tech-savvy employee. This saves the company money and precious time.

One Last Thing

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