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Iteration and WebOps graphic

Website Updates

Why should you care about the importance of ongoing iteration and WebOps? Well, how often do you do the updates of your website? Wrong answers: 01- I don’t know; 02 – Do I have to update something?; 03 – IT or marketing must have this covered—; 04 – When we got our website done. 

If your answer was one of the above, we should talk. Leave your IT and Marketing Team doing what they do best; this is not for them. It doesn’t matter if your website is brand new, you still need regular and responsive updates for security, load speeds and so much more. Cheeky Monkey’s WebOps team will help you get back on track and your website performing as it was intended.



Cyber attacks can and do happen to everyone. We’ve all seen what happens to big enterprises these past few years. Data from customers ends up in the wrong hands. Worse than that, private data is exposed to whoever cares to see it. Need I say more? Putting your website’s security in the hands of a good web partner will not only free up your web team to do other tasks, but will give all team members and stakeholders peace of mind that your website will consistently protected.  

SEO and Data Analysis

A WebOps team can also analyze your site and find weak points where you lose potential conversions/lead generation. With data analysis, we can optimize all of your web-based funnels and ensure your site is converting visitors into customers as efficiently as it can.

“I think the most crucial point is, if the web is an essential part of your business’ strategy, you should be on an ongoing SEO program with a reputable agency. Why? Because your competitors are likely already on an SEO program. Even if you already rank well, with competitors continually biting at your heels and Google’s ever-changing secret algorithm, it’s important to keep up.

A well-functioning website and SEO program would pay for itself with the increased lead generation from having a top position on Google.

If your company creates content on the web, it’s also essential to work with a WebOps team to ensure you are going after keywords that increase click-through instead of going with your gut feeling and ranking for superficial terms that don’t increase business.” Graham Marshall – SEO and Data Analysis Specialist