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Websites are vitally important for any business in today’s economy, especially sales-oriented businesses. We’ve talked about how Drupal websites are making major gains in the eCommerce world; another of our favorite Drupal features is the highly customizable nature of each site. If your website isn’t producing enough results, Cheeky Monkey Media’s customized web design can bring you to the apex of your sales potential.

Ordinary websites are no longer good enough. recently featured a great article about how unique web design can increase your sales. With the right tools, Drupal customization can be as fun as a barrel full of monkeys.

According to Orphicpixel, customization is key because “Principles of selling a product on the internet are different from the real world. Therefore, a web designer has to consider a variety of factors to sell the product online while designing the website.”

Some of their tips include:

  1. give the user a pleasant experience of online shopping
  2. provide sufficient information on the website to the user about the owner of the website and why it is a trusted company or brand.
  3. easy to use the website, so that people do not have difficulty in finding and purchasing the product, otherwise they will visit your competition.

As an illustration of customized web design’s importance for sales, Orphicpixel uses this example, “The translation of the conventional techniques of marketing to the virtual form of the internet world is the real challenge for a web designer. A bread stand is placed at the far end of most supermarkets, so the visitors can smell the fresh bread as they enter. On a website you do not have the option of using the sense of smell, so you can place a particular shelf in a way that it is exposed to the website visitor in the best manner. Products can be easily put up on your website in the internet world, but it is difficult to sell them on the web. A good web design will only require one or two clicks to lead the visitor to the right page.”

What sales challenges have you faced through your current website, and how might customized web solutions help you harvest more bananas?