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Rick Bjarnason, Founder and CEO of Cheeky Monkey Media

One of the most exciting new Drupal features we’ve seen in a while was announced this week when Acquia released a new source code called Drupal Create, which “allows developers to customize their own Drupal apps.” In an article on, Anthony Myers writes, “Acquia is tackling this issue by open sourcing the Drupal Create codebase so developers can build their own versions of content producing apps. Features included are the ability to take advantage of device features like the camera or geolocation, and of course, any social media APIs.”


This code release was greeted like feeding time at the zoo around here and promises to be popular throughout the Drupal community.


The new source code is a first-of-its-kind release attempting to bridge the gap between content production on the go and the lack of mobile-compatible platforms to post to Drupal. When fully integrated, this has the possibility of making Drupal a more diverse and interactive content management system.

Drupal Create may be found here and is designed to work with any Drupal website that has installed the MASt module.