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Welcome to the monkey weekly. This week there was a ton of Drupal stuff happening. Did you have a chance to take a look at our monkey blog?

The first place we’d like you to check out is all of the new monkeys that have come on board. You can do this by clicking here. Say hello to Justin, Patrick, and Treena. So far they’ve all survived working for Cheeky Monkey Media and we think they like it.

Next, we’ll discuss what was on the monkey blog this week. We talked about Drupal Hackathon coming up on January 25th and the release of Drupal 8. You can check both of these blog posts out by heading on over to our blog.

Lastly, Cheeky Monkey Media is going through a bit of a change. You can think of it like monkey puberty. We’ll be going through some growing pains, so please stick with us through the process.

We also notice some new/cool things happening around the web this week. Here are some great examples of cool things you need to check out:

#1. Google is giving their readers a little more of a peep show. You can actually read more information before you click and look. Read more about this article right here.

#2. If you think texting someone you don’t know is funny, you’ll want to check out these hilarious pranks. These are truly 9 of the most epic pranks of all time.

Need a little help with your web design or web development? You know who to call when you need a little Drupal action, the Monkey Team of course.

Till Next Time,

the monkey squad