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You’ve probably heard a million times that had to reset passwords. According to a source “Passwords for almost one million accounts on the website are being reset after hackers gained unauthorized access to sensitive user data.”

If you’re not sure what is it’s the official website for Drupal. Many people are ‘freaking’ out about this to say the least but in reality “There’s no indication credit card data was intercepted. There’s also no evidence that any unauthorized changes were made to Drupal source code or projects.” So although some information may have been breached, like names and emails; nothing valuable was able to be obtained.

Hackers are always trying to breach security and you can’t always stop it. But you can change how you react to it. It’s said that this may have been the same “hack” that happened to nearly 20,000 other sites.

Why are we letting you know this? Well, although everyone is making a huge deal about it, took care of it. Drupal is still secure and this sort of thing makes Drupal even more secure!

According to Drupal’s website, there are 228 countries and 967,545 people using the Drupal platform. Amazing huh? There are many Drupal features to make your website secure, mobile friendly, and just plain awesome!