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Hi there Monkeys! It’s Wednesday, hump day and you know that means you will hear from me. How is your week? Mine is great and I am going to talk about website design for 2014. Are you listening? I sure hope so!  I’ve come across some current trends on how to make your website compatible with mobile devices. This is a pretty hot topic since just about everyone uses a mobile device to browse the Web.

The first thing is continuous strolling. What a cool element! When you scroll down on a page, you want to be taken to the next page without scrolling. This makes life easier for everyone, don’t you think?

The second thing is larger fonts. How large are the fonts on your website? As the year’s pass, font sizes become larger. This is for mobile devices and increased readability, of course. Check your font sizes to make sure they are large enough.

A third thing is parallax scrolling. Websites have been using this technique and probably in 2014, it will be a standard design feature. What’s parallax scrolling, you ask? It presents a webpage as several layers and the actual background serves at a different speed than the foreground layer. Animation and other cool effects may also be used.

A final element is responsive web design. This is affecting all of mobile design. This trend has been going on for a while and will continue, of course. In the past, web designers created this for mobile specifically, but now they just have to adjust to the screen and device. It has become a lot easier and simpler.

So there’s your Wednesday news, monkeys! Are you ready for 2014 web design?