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Google’s Latest Product Variant Pushes Companies to Showcase More

Google is expanding its support for organized data. The latest Google updates offer more innovative ways to present products.

Google rolled out an enhanced structured data support on February 20, 2024. It enabled online sellers a more detailed way of showcasing their products. Merchants can now highlight variations of the item. They can underscore color, size, and pattern within the search results.

What’s the Latest?

Google has integrated‘s “ProductGroup” plan. They use it alongside its current structured data for products.

The enhancement empowers e-commerce platforms in the way they exhibit product variations. Consumers can now see all types in Search. This can increase visibility and boost click-through rates.

How Does It Benefit Companies?

Putting the new structured data for product variants in place has many benefits. For one, it improves an online retailer’s Search Listings. Having concise product listings will catch the attention of consumers. It will prompt them to visit the company’s website.

It also enhances the user experience. The company can provide clear specifications for each product variation. It saves time and offers the buyer a more convenient shopping encounter.

The extra support can also increase a company’s conversion rates. Customers will have an easier time identifying the product variant they want. It also lessens confusion and helps customers make informed buying decisions.

A Look Behind the Scenes

It wasn’t smooth sailing for this update. Google had difficulties distinguishing product variants within the search markup.

The company embraced solutions like the AggregateOffer. It’s used for variable pricing. Each variant was also listed as an individual Offer or Product Model.

Google expanded its scope by rolling out the Product Variant Structured Data. It solved the previous issue of managing product variations.