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What You Should Know About Social Media Brand Marketing

A strong brand is necessary if you want your business to succeed. If done right, the mere mention of your brand’s name will evoke a positive response from a consumer.

Think of how people react to brands like Louis Vuitton or Porsche. Even those who never used these brands know they represent quality and style. It’s because these companies have done a stellar job with their branding.

Branding isn’t enough anymore though. Companies need to harness the power of social media. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok provide a wealth of opportunities. They give companies a chance to share videos, photos, and bits of the company’s personality.

The question now is whether your company is making the most of social media brand marketing.

What is Social Media Brand Marketing?

Social media brand marketing is the love child of good branding and social media. A savvy marketer will take the tangible and intangible aspects of a brand. They will then combine it with the powers of social media. Voila! You have a marketing strategy that can reach millions.

Social media has come a long way since the 1990s. Back then it was a way to connect with people. Now it’s one of the most powerful digital marketing tools you can use. There were 4.95 billion social media users worldwide in 2023. That’s about 61% of the world’s population.

Experts predict that the numbers will continue to grow. It can reach six billion by 2027. That’s countless consumers that you can make a direct connection to.

Social media brand marketing will open up your brand to customers old and new. You can get direct feedback from your market. This is a connection you can’t get from display advertising. Social media marketing will also help you reach out to new markets.

What Elements Does a Strong Social Media Brand Marketing Need?

It’s easy for a brand to get lost on social media. There are thousands of other companies demanding a slice of the same pie. You need the right elements to make yourself heard, like:

  • Distinct Look

You need a distinct look that will set you apart from other companies in your industry. This means your color scheme, fonts, and logo should be unique. If most of your rivals are going for the conventional look, go the opposite direction. Be a colorful unicorn and fill your brand with splashes of color.

  • Unwavering Consistency

You need to embrace your brand identity and be consistent with its implementation. This means your digital marketing agency should be consistent. They must use the exact colors, fonts, and various elements in every material. What consumers see in your display ads should be what they see on your social media accounts.

It doesn’t mean you should have profiles on all social media platforms. You also have to be discerning as some platforms won’t fit your goals or target audience.

Your best bet is to create parameters for your brand. This will include style guides. It also details the voice and tone you want to put in place in every content you have.

  • Good Storytelling

A good story helps build a compelling brand, and social media is the best place to tell it. Make sure you tell a great story about your company, your product, and your people in every post.

Some of the best brands create stories from their products. Nike is a great example of this. They told stories of people overcoming struggles. Their posts appeal to people’s emotions. It made consumers want to join in and add to the story.

The challenge is coming up with the perfect story for your product. You can find it by answering questions like why your company exists. Think of how you can highlight the stories of your employees or the company founders.

  • Develop a Voice

You also need the right voice to tell your brand’s story on social media. This will depend on your industry. Industries like government, banking, or pharmaceuticals use a more formal voice. It helps the brand sound more authoritative. Brands in the beauty, gaming, or sports industries can afford a more casual voice. Some can even get away with a cheeky or outrageous voice. What’s important is that your voice resonates in every post.

One Last Thing

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