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Google Reveals Update; Says It’s the Last They’ll Confirm

Google’s November reviews update was already released on November 8. The recent Google updates focused on ways to write good reviews. The company also revealed that it will be the last time it will be announcing a review update.

Google explained that improvements to the review system will be at a regular pace. That’s why the company won’t post any updates in the future on the status dashboard. It indicates that the review update will become a more real-time event. One ramification will be to site changes. It could mean changes are now reflected in real-time. That’s in contrast with the previous method. Changes only happened during an update rollout.

The new update remains a global one. It will impact languages like English, German, and French. Italian, Spanish, and Vietnamese sites are also affected. The update will also affect sites in Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese, and Polish languages.

There’s also an overlap with the updates. Google is releasing another update simultaneous with the November core update. Sites may see some changes from the reviews and core updates. Owners might have a difficult time knowing which of the two updates affected their sites.

Experts say they saw immediate changes due to this month’s core update. There was reportedly an increase in Google search volatility. This happened from Nov. 2 to 5.

Best Practices on High-Quality Reviews

Google has also shared some best practices when it comes to high-quality reviews. The company says these should be from the user’s perspective. They also recommended providing evidence of the experience. This can be in the form of audio or videos. They also want the reviewer to go over the pros and cons of the product reviewed. The reviewer can only use original research.