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Google Maps Roll Out New AI for Improved Local Business Search

Google is rolling out a new AI feature in Maps. It’s still in the experimental stage. The feature aims to help users discover local businesses. It leverages AI to tailor the search to an individual’s specific requirements.

Enhanced by AI

Googles new AI feature uses advanced language models to analyze Maps’ database. This covers over 250 million establishments. This includes photos, ratings, and customer reviews.

Users need to start a search query to start the feature. Google Maps will give personalized recommendations for businesses near the user. It will also recommend events, activities, and dining options.

Let’s say a consumer searches for “retro-style spots in San Francisco.” Google will give suggestions on vintage boutiques and flea markets.

Every result falls under a clear category. Photos and reviews are also included. Google will add review snippets showing why it matches the user’s criteria. The user can refine the search results further by making a follow-up question. For example, they can ask about restaurants with a vintage ambiance.

Search users can even save the suggestions for reference. Asking for recommendations for specific scenarios helps improve spontaneous or evolving plans. If someone asks for “rainy day activities,” they’ll get suggestions for indoor activities. Google adapts these choices to the user’s current location. It also considers the prevailing weather conditions.

Early Access Trial with Local Guides

Google is asking for feedback from specific Local Guides. Their reviews will help refine the feature before it’s released.

Google’s new AI feature is set to transform how consumers discover local businesses. The addition of generative AI into Maps is a big step. It will revolutionize the way people engage with businesses within their community. It can also help drive more traffic to niche businesses. People could discover lesser-known attractions.