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Increase in Discover Traffic Expected as Google Fixes Core Update Bug

A bug with the October Google core update is already fixed. Sites can expect to see more Discover traffic.

The company confirmed the Google Discover traffic was due to a bug. The core update rolled out on October 5. It focused on Google’s main search algorithms. The goal was to bolster authoritative content. Sites with low-quality content were then demoted. This means misleading or unhelpful sites become less visible. Google is always refining its search algorithms. These are then rolled out via their global updates.

Core updates often cause changes in search ranking. The issues with the October update bug were immediate. The company’s engineers found the bug and corrected the problem on the same day, October 31. The fix should restore proper functioning to the changes done across Google Discover.

Discover is a personalized news feed experience. It is available on the Google app and on mobile devices. Many publishers depend on it as a crucial source of mobile traffic.

The company posted an update on the Search Status report on November 1. Google revealed that they found a bug on October 5. The company found out how the October core update applied to Discover. Now that it’s resolved, some websites will see a boost in Discover-related traffic. The issue’s start and end time is available on the Search Status Dashboard.

Many site owners noticed the low Google Discover traffic. It was an unusual development and notable because it started on October 5. Many were quick to see that it had a connection to the update. Experts warn that Google Discover traffic is sometimes unreliable. They said the highs and lows of the system are quite sporadic.