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It is no secret that we’re wild about Drupal. Very few people can match the enthusiasm of wild monkeys, but our partners at Acquia are a rare exception.

Wentworth’s main point is that, like Apple, “Drupal sits at the intersection of art and science.” What Wentworth means by this is that developers have a jungle full of opportunities available with Drupal customization features that aren’t available on the average CMS. The openness of opportunity allows for true design expression, signifying the art side. “Drupal has always provided complete design freedom,” according to Wentworth’s article.

“On the other hand,” writes Wentworth, “Drupal appeals to the scientists (developers), who benefit from its architectural elegance and extensibility.” Extensibility is one of the key aspects here. For example, let’s say a monkey starts a website as just a simple online fruit stand. Well as the needs or capabilities of that fruit stand grow, Drupal can keep up with scalability of purpose. If the monkey takes on a partner who sells smoothies, then wants to create a blog or interactive forum, resource pages, eCommerce, dynamic content, or any number of other possibilities, the capabilities are all available through over 22,000 open-sourced, peer-tested modules. That tiny little online fruit stand could conceivably grow into an international shipping and receiving enterprise, all while building on the same Drupal system he started with.

Innovation and design are the lifeblood of entrepreneurial culture and staples of the online world, which is why Wentworth compares building a Drupal site to wearing a perfectly tailored custom suit, “With Drupal, you get exactly what you need, not what a software vendor thinks you need.”

We agree, which is one reason we’re so active in the Drupal community and specialize in Drupal migration, design, and development. How have you seen Drupal customized in a way that perfectly met your needs?