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Can Your Website Handle AI-Powered SGE? It’s Time to Get Ready

The SEO landscape is evolving, thanks to Search Generative Experience. The AI-powered SGE is set to give information within search results. This could push traditional websites to the side.

SEO experts have nothing to fear though. It’s easy to navigate this new search environment. SGE is one of Google’s most exciting SEO updates. It gives consumers direct answers instead of pushing them to different websites.

SGE is causing many businesses to worry. It’s because there’s a chance website traffic could drop. There will also be less engagement between a company and potential customers. After all, users already have the answers they need. They don’t have to go to a company’s website.

That’s the wrong mindset to take though. Companies should look at SGE as a chance to improve their SEO strategy.

What’s the Best Way to Rank in SGE?

Google’s SGE showcases AI-generated responses. Consumers can see this above the sponsored and organic listings. They will also see various websites as sources. The citations give companies a chance to rank in SGE. This includes Carousel links and drop-down links. Follow-ups and product recommendations can also help businesses with their SGE ranking.

Ranking in SGE is a straightforward process. SEO experts need to target direct keywords. They have to focus on using the same keywords consumers are searching for. These are the keywords they’re looking for within the company’s website, content, or landing pages. These give brief answers to specific queries.

SEO experts should also concentrate on getting high organic rankings. The goal is to rank on the first or second page. This will ensure the website will have a place in the SGE ranking. There should also be authoritative backlinks. The links should point consumers towards the company’s website. This underlines its domain authority.