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Google Announcement About Reviews System Update Can Benefit SEO

Google reported a Reviews System update would roll out in November. This Google changer will mark the end of an era for the company. It will also usher in a new period that could benefit SEO.

A Q&A about core updates revealed very little about the Reviews System. Experts surmised that the name itself indicates that it’s a machine-learning model. The Reviews System could have a classier process in the same vein as the Helpful Content System.

The documentation about the Reviews System said it’s designed to assess articles. It also evaluates pages, blog posts, and standalone content. The purpose of said content should be to give an opinion, recommendation, or analysis. It doesn’t assess third-party reviews.

Another Google changer is the timeline for updates. Google announced that it will now provide regular updates and system improvements. The company won’t be releasing periodic notifications anymore. This is because enhancements to their review systems will happen at an ongoing pace.

The revelations didn’t sit well for a lot of people. It’s an understandable reaction. Previous Reviews System updates had a catastrophic effect on many websites. This was because the rankings changed. And it would remain fixed until the roll-out of the next update. This holding pattern was devastating. Any changes the publisher made to fix their ranking were useless. This led to depressed search traffic that lasted months.

Experts say the upgraded Reviews System is different. It could benefit SEO since Google transitioned to a rolling update. This means ranking changes occur in real time. This could mean faster recoveries for the publisher and the site. This isn’t guaranteed though as it still needs further clarification.