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There are so many things to take into consideration in order to thrive in the world of business. All companies have a list of key assets that give them life. Among these, the most important one is social or customer capital. After all, the real bosses in your company are your customers. No customers mean no business, and no business means no money.

Credibility, Emotion, Logic

Some marketing strategies in building customer relationships involve the three elements of persuasion. According to Aristotle, the three elements are ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos is honesty or sincerity. It is how you are perceived by your customers. Are you trustworthy or not? Pathos is the emotional factor. At the end of the day, decisions are made by taking into consideration feelings. Do you make the customer happy? Lastly, Logos means logic. What you present has to make sense. Otherwise, your offer to the customer will be nothing more than rubbish. Creating an environment rich in these three elements is not as difficult as you may think. In fact, you can even go global very easily! How? Think websites! Websites can reach your clients at every nook and cranny of the world that your feet can’t reach. Combining the three elements in your web design and continuous web development will create an effective site that facilitates a strong customer relationship.


Professionalism is very important, not only in your services but also a must in your web design and development. Professional-looking images, layouts, and text fonts should be considered. Having a website with an expert look and a very functional user interface makes customers more confident in transacting business with you.



Many decisions are based on emotion. You can see that in yourself when you’re buying something. Like with music, you buy it because it makes you feel happy, energized, calm, etc. So during web design, make sure to be sensitive enough to have a section where your customers can voice out their thoughts and feelings. One sample would be to put a “contact us” option or a forum where your customers can voice out their suggestions or queries. You can also add blogs and articles to be able to reach out to your customers better. Remember that your website is a means to build relationships with your customers. So make time to listen and don’t forget to reply to keep them happy. Receiving suggestions from your customers are also very important in improving your company’s products and services. Do these and loyal customers will start flocking to your company.


Nobody wants a “noisy, empty can”. Big hype + no sense equals zero. Other than looking professional, your website should be bursting with useful information. The images, the navigation, all the way to the content, should all make sense.

CRM System for your website

Aside from the three elements, it is also great to invest in a CRM system. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a system that provides practical information such as sales patterns, marketing data, and predicted future trends based on what information your company has. How is this helpful? It provides better customer service. An example is: knowing sales patterns will make sure you store enough stocks of what sells best for a particular time. For example, in pharmacies, allergy medicines sell best in spring and fall. Knowing approximately how many boxes are sold during these seasons will make sure you always have enough that you won’t have to turn away your customers and that you are able to maximize your profit. Collecting the necessary data, like what and when customers buy at your site, is what our drupal developers are concerned with making your website do. Remember, a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. A loyal customer is a treasure. But just don’t settle for one, go get a million loyal customers through your website!