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Capturing what happens throughout the week is a fun job. Do you know why? I come out to the beach every Friday with my laptop in hand prepared to deliver an awesome monkey weekly to you. Now, let me take a sip of my banana smoothie before I finish typing this up.

We have an awesome monkey team and there are always fun and exciting things happening around our jungle. The monkeys make a huge effort to ensure you have plenty of reading material throughout the week.  Make sure you stop by the monkey blog on a weekly basis to see what we’re up to.

The Amani Project

You might have heard us talk about The Amani Project and a while back we interviewed Renee Black from Peace Geeks. We had a nice little surprise when Peace Geeks sent out their newsletter and described The Amani Project a little bit better. Of course, Cheeky Monkey Media was excited to see this.

A Little Tractor Love

If you follow us on our social media sites, then you know we’ve been sending out a little love to Tractor. You have to see this really cool project that they have put together on Kickstarter. Click here to see their project and maybe support their endeavors.

New Monkeys

Cheeky Monkey Media has spent some time updating our monkey profiles. If you want to see who is working behind the monkey scenes, click here.

Until next time– this is Brian The Top Chimp- Signing Out, Banana Style!