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2018: time to outsource marketing? A growing business needs a digital strategy that grows with it. Here are 7 reasons it’s time to enlist experts.

Uneasy about your digital marketing? Thinking it’s time to outsource marketing? You’re not alone.

According to a 2013 survey by Adobe, 76% of marketers believe marketing has changed more in the last two years than the last 50, yet only 9% believe their digital marketing strategy is working.

If you’re in the 91%, here are 7 reasons why it’s time to outsource your next digital marketing campaign.

1. Insourcing Requires Resources (A Lot)

I know what you’re thinking, “We don’t have the resources to outsource marketing to a firm!”

The truth is, you might not have the resources to keep it in-house.

Here’s the thing about keeping your marketing to your own employees: your employees have to be qualified to do it. This means you have to find qualified employees, train them, provide them wages and benefits, provide the required technology, and keep track of their marketing efforts to evaluate them.

In other words, you sink a lot of time, money, and effort into an employee, and that employee is still less qualified and less available than a marketing firm that can dedicate a whole team to your campaign.

2. Outsourcing Saves Time and Money

Oh, and here’s the thing about hiring a marketing firm: in the short and long term, using a firm to outsource marketing actually costs less than using your own employees.

Yup. You read that right. The cost of hiring a firm can actually cost less than one on-staff marketer, and not just because your ROI is so much higher.

When you enter a contract with a marketing firm, you’ll know exactly what your costs will be month-to-month, versus the variables required when you have to pay an employee extra just to finish a campaign on time.

You also don’t have to worry about your marketer being diverted to “more important” tasks in an all-hands-on-deck situation. The firm was hired to do marketing for you – that’s all they’re going to do.

3. Access to Experts

Going outside your own company to a company of trained marketers gives you another advantage. For a regular monthly fee, you can afford expert marketers that you probably couldn’t afford to pay on your own staff.

The digital marketing team you hire when you outsource marketing is a team of seasoned professionals. They don’t just have the skillsets you’re missing – they have designated experts on teams whose job is to make sure SEO, web design, copywriting, etc. go off without a hitch.

And because they’re experts, they know what your marketing strategy is missing – things you might not have even known you didn’t know, like how to properly build your first content marketing strategy.

4. And the Latest Technologies

The online world is a shapeshifter. After all, we’ve already said that marketers saw more change in their field in the last two years than in the last 50.

If you’re not a specialized marketing company, you don’t have the tools to keep up.

How many times have you said, “It can’t be that hard!” Let’s be honest. If you’re saying “It can’t be that hard,” then you’re proving how much you don’t know about digital marketing and what makes a quality digital marketing campaign.

A dedicated digital marketing agency will keep up so you don’t have to. And not only that – they know how to use the best and brightest tech in the game to your advantage.

5. The Benefits of Good Content Marketing

Let’s have some real talk: in today’s world, content marketing is king. And even if you’re trying to do content marketing on your own, it won’t do you much good if you’re fumbling in the dark.

In fact, you’re wasting your time – and your audience’s time.

See, content marketing is more than just putting out content and hoping for the best. It’s a concentrated long-term digital strategy utilizing a wide variety of content formats to build an ongoing relationship with your audience.


So that they know your brand on sight and they’re loyal to you.

It’s not just storytelling, either – content marketing is valuable at several stages of the sales funnel.

Not only does your outsourced team know content marketing, but they’re also experts in it. And they’re on top of all the new ways available to market digital content.

6. You Can Focus on Your Story

You can’t see the forest for the trees – or, in this case, you can’t see the big digital marketing picture because you’re so focused on getting your digital marketing out there.

How do we communicate our experiences as humans? Or, how do you talk about what’s going on in your life when you meet someone in a coffee shop?

Yup. You tell stories.

If you’re frantically trying to finish marketing in the middle of a hundred other projects, you’re focused on selling your customers something.

When was the last time you enjoyed being sold something? Probably never.

When was the last time you enjoyed a story?

Getting the picture now?

Here’s the thing. You can’t hack emotions if you’re trying to sell something. And you can’t stop selling something if you’re just trying to finish a project. Outsourcing to a marketing firm will let you stop worrying about the little details and figure out what story you want to tell.

Trust me. Your customers will thank you for it.

7. Improve Continuity in Your Marketing

Vacation time. Holidays. Office closings. Maternity leave. Staff shortages. Sick days. Gaps between losing old personnel and bringing in new personnel. What do all of these have to do with marketing?

More than you think: they all affect your marketing continuity.

Makes sense when you think about it, doesn’t it? It’s hard to tell one long cohesive story if there’s no one around to tell that cohesive story, or if the person telling the cohesive story keeps changing.

Fun fact about marketing firms? They’re great at stories. They’re even better with continuity.

Need to Outsource Marketing? We’ve Got You.

So you’re ready to outsource your marketing? Awesome. We’re ready to help your marketing be more awesome.

Isn’t it great how that works out?

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