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Make A Good Logo Design banner

1. Memorable

McDonald's logo graphic

A logo should stand out in a crowd. It should be instantly recognizable, either through its form or type. Of course, marketing is what is going to get it in front of people first, it just needs to be sticky when it gets there. There probably aren’t too many logos out there more memorable than Coca-Cola and Mcdonald’s.

2. Adaptable

Logos need to be designed with versatility in mind. They must be scalable to the size of a billboard or down to the size of a postage stamp or desktop icon. In order to do this, any good logo is finalized using a vector illustration program like Adobe Illustrator. Another thing to consider is use. Having versions of the logo that will work in a web design, in horizontal, or vertical format, reversed on dark colors, or suitable for embroidery. A good logo will work in any media.

3. Simple

Nike logo graphic

Perhaps one of the most important features of a good logo design is simplicity, as it will contribute to all the other factors. One mistake a number of companies make is trying to have the logo say it all. A logo doesn’t have to tell a story, distill and distill again until only the essential elements remain. Design a logo in black and white first, to eliminate color bias ( I have seen good logo designs get rejected simply on the basis of color choice). A logo needs to look good and be recognizable in one color or black and white. The Nike logo embodies this principle beautifully.

4. Timeless

Avoid following trends in logo design. Trends are fine for the fashion industry, but a truly excellent logo will not only look good now, but in 10, or 50 years from now.

5. Relevant

A logo design should be appropriate for its intended audience and the company image. For example, you probably wouldn’t use a whimsical handwritten font for a law firm’s logotype, but you would consider it for a toy store.

Drupal daycare banner graphic

In conclusion

If you can keep these 5 things in mind when designing your next logo, you are well on your way to a great visual identity.