Cheeky Monkey Media did everything. They created the new website for us and helped us figure out what would work best for us and our clients. They really listened to what we needed to have done.

A Business Application Can Help

Would you like to streamline processes, improve work flows, centralize systems, and simplify communication processes? A Cheeky Monkey Media web application for your business is a custom-built tool that:

CONSOLIDATES everything in one place. For example, instead of storing your information in a hundred places, store it all in one place.

STANDARDIZES everything. For example, instead of using a slightly different method each time, stay consistent. Just think of how much easier it will be to find things!

Gives you the ability to PRIORITIZE and decide exactly what you would like your web application to do for your business, instead of trying to make pre-made application conform to your needs.

In Other Words...

When we build you a business application:

You get a business application that does exactly what you would like it to do: Store information? Send messages and/or alerts? Initiate and facilitate communication across departments and services? Integrate with calendars and other systems? All of the above? Yep, we are the web development company that can make that happen!

You get a business application that standardizes and consolidates your information in a single space, which means it’s much easier to keep track of and find information when you need it. Plus you don’t end up keeping the same information in two or more different places, and then trying to remember all the places you need to update.

You get to automate many of your processes because you have consolidated everything and you control what you would like the application to do.

Don’t spend your time dreaming about the business or mobile application you’d like to have. Tell us what you’re looking for in a business app and we'll build it for you.

They’ve been amazing. I’ve never been so pleased… Whenever I need something from Cheeky Monkey, their response is amazing. They have everything in order, organized on an Excel spreadsheet that is presented to us in a weekly meeting. As items are completed, they drop to the bottom of the spreadsheet; those that are up and coming are at the top. We’re never surprised by what’s happening. Everything is always well thought-out.
Tammy Cook, Office Manager, Aircraft Technologies Group (Aviation Staffing Agency)