The Situation

Onboardly, a PR and Marketing agency, was referred to Cheeky Monkey in search of a trusted web partner to help grow, optimize, and maintain their website. A very forward thinking organization, Onboardly’s digital goals revolve around their website visitors and they needed a provider who understood their vision. Onboardly wished to improve the user experience of the website, the sharing capabilities of blog posts, and integrate a payment system for their online courses - Ultimate PR Machine - just to name a few. In pursuit of constant digital improvement Onboardly chose Cheeky Monkey to provide innovative technological solutions for their ever evolving user focused website.

The Solution

Throughout our ongoing partnership with Onboardly the monkeys have worked on responsive updates, improved social sharing, ecommerce features, hubspot integration and landing pages. The custom blog sharing capabilities have made it very intuitive and easy for users to share Onboradly’s valuable content with their friends across multiple social media platforms. This has enabled their message to be spread far and wide to a broad market and position them as thought leaders in the marketing industry - seriously, check out their blog it is packed full of marvelous marketing material. As the mobile-responsiveness of a website is becoming increasingly necessary, the Monkeys have continuously ensured Onboardly’s site is optimized for all screen sizes. Mobile optimization enables their visitors to enjoy the site from anywhere on any device - a key to SEO and user experience success. A multitude of other digital projects have added to the value of Onboardly’s website and increase in viewer engagement.