"I’m thrilled with the progress. Thanks for all your work with us. This may be the first truly-successful outsourcing experience we’ve had!"

Brian Schmidt, Corban University

Corban Music Landing Page


The Situation

Before working with Cheeky Monkey, Corban University had enjoyed the benefits of an in-house design and development team to handle their Drupal websites. However, as their developers were recruited to other positions, the Marketing department found themselves limping along as they tried to accommodate a diverse set of web needs and desires.

The Solution

Since the beginning, the Monkeys have been able to impress - allowing Corban University to turn their attention to marketing strategies and recruiting initiatives while letting the Drupal experts handle their web support and development needs. By adeptly handling web tasks, maintenance and support, Cheeky Monkey Media has cultivated a reputation for top quality work that continues to exceed expectations. Like so many Cheeky Monkey Clients, the conversation went something like, “You monkeys are doing a great job meeting our development needs… What else can you do?” Since that conversation, Cheeky Monkey has been providing graphic design support to marketing initiatives tied to the site, consulted on solving marketing challenges using technology, and are currently in discussions to take on a full website redesign.

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