Canadian Blood Services PPRP Case study

About Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is a nonprofit charitable organization that operates independently from the government. CBS was established as Canada's blood authority through a memorandum of understanding between the federal, provincial, and territorial governments and opened in 1998. They are the only national manufacturer of biological products funded by Canada’s Provincial and territorial governments. They provide products such as blood, plasma, and also offer transfusion and stem cell registry services.


Project Overview

As part of a multi-year digital transformation initiative, Canadian Blood Services was updating and transforming many of its digital assets. The contract for this project covered the work that was required to develop the new website for NAC. The website was developed on the Drupal 9 platform and all configurations and settings were completed using the Canadian Blood Services standards and best practices.


Project Objectives

The key objectives for the project were having the ability to:

  1. Set listing criteria for products (gate keep)
  2. Adjudicate patient cases against listing criteria
  3. Collect and use patient level utilization data to inform future decisions
  4. Increase efficiency and decrease errors in receiving and adjudicating requests
  5. Adjudication process workflow, response templates, notifications and email communication
  6. Make updates to the Patient Designated PPRP Request Form


Merging the New with the Old

The first challenge was ensuring the new PPRP form integrated with the old system without deleting any existing or archived data. New sections needed to be added, and old ones had to be reconfigured to work with the ordering process of these products.

The Logic was…Logical

Conditional logic was something that Cheeky Monkey had to consider for many aspects of the project. With the blood ordering process and different products being used to treat different conditions, in order to keep the form from getting too long, Cheeky Monkey designers decided on utilizing conditional logic throughout the different areas of the form.

A Lengthy Process

One challenge to figure out was how to show all the products that were added to the contract without adding too much length to the form. CBS had expressed that they wanted to keep the entire form on one page, but didn’t want it to be too lengthy for the case managers that would be filling in the information.



In order to ensure that no existing data was lost, Cheeky Monkey worked closely with the CBS team to create a plan to determine which fields were new, existing, or related, between the new PPRP form and the existing blood case forms. This was broken down into a spreadsheet that both teams had access to.

Interactive Prototyping

For this project, Cheeky Monkey’s UX designer took the lead, attending calls twice a week with the CBS PPRP team to ensure that even the smallest of details hadn’t been overlooked. Ensuring that the prototype gave a real workflow feel was of the utmost importance. This meant showing all options in the various dropdowns, and showing how the conditional logic would work when specific items are selected. The prototype for this form ended up with 66 artboards to show the functionality, and if you were to look at the connections in the file? Well… let’s just say it gets a little insane.


We solved the lengthy scrolling by using accordions for each of the indication categories throughout the different sections. This allowed for users to open and close them freely as they went about filling out the form. This ended up significantly cutting down on the size of the page as users could open and close them freely whilst filling in the information. This also allowed for users to view all their selections at the same time, if there were multiple indications present within that case.

Transforming what was previously a clunky manual process for the case managers into a digital process has increased the team's efficiency when filling in and submitting the form.


Cheeky Monkey loved working with Canadian Blood Services' PPRP team, and look forward to continued improvements within their medical case management system.