Cheeky Monkey Media (based in Kelowna, BC) is looking for a Senior Front-end developer with a strong understanding of open source web technology LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack. Cheeky Monkey Media typically uses Drupal and WordPress as the frameworks for web-based client solutions. This position is specifically for an experienced web developer with great knowledge of Drupal, with a keen understanding of WordPress being a major asset. 

We’re a little off the wall when it comes to our in-office culture. To us “Cheeky” is more than just part of our name – it’s a description for our way of life. If you’re tired of working in a boring corporate environment, or seeking a little more camaraderie and fun in your workday, then we want to speak with you. Perks of joining our zoo include sassy colleagues, regular Nerf assaults around the office, stress release via foosball and darts, and in-office dogs that will loudly protect you from vicious mailmen and delivery people.



  • 3-5 years relevant experience in Drupal
  • Strong front end web development skills (HTML / CSS / Javascript)
  • Experience using CSS preprocessors such as LESS, Sass.
  • Excellent understanding of OO programming.
  • Knowledge of popular JavaScript frameworks/libraries such as React, Vue.
  • React.js, WebGL (Three.js, PlayCanvas), Pixi.js, GSAP, Node.
  • Knowledge of build systems and package managers such as Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, NPM, Bower, Composer.
  • Degree or diploma in computer science or related discipline.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


The right Developer will also have experience in the following:

  • Mobile web development ie. React Native.
  • Experience with Web APIs (Google’s APIs, Facebook API, Twitter API).
  • Experience with CMS (Drupal, WordPress, etc.).
  • Proficient with some server side development (PHP, Node.js).
  • Education is important, but we will take experience over that any day.
  • At least 3 years of experience in the Developer world.
  • Completing day-to-day tracked developer tasks.
  • Understands GIT and SVN, knows when we say “make a branch” we aren’t looking for a tree.


Senior Front-end Developer responsibilities include:

  • Always producing high quality work, and of course following professional standards that Cheeky Monkey Media has set for itself.
  • Ability to meet deadlines. It’s important that you are a deadline oriented person. You have to be on time and available to take on small or larger projects. At some points in time, you may be asked to juggle several projects.
  • Time management is a major part of your role. It’s vital that you stick to the time estimated to finish the project. If more time is needed, then it’s imperative that those concerns are addressed to the production lead.
  • Communication is just as important as the air you breathe here at Cheeky Monkey Media. You should be available and willing to chat with other members of the team. If there is an issue, you should feel comfortable enough to talk to your manager.
  • Team player mentality is also important. There are other Developers on the team and that means you should be open to different approaches and work with them on a daily basis. At some point in time, you may also be asked to mentor a new Developer on the team.



As part of a fun team, the right candidate will be passionate about client solutions, serious about their code, and able to contribute to the wacky office environment. The developer we want is somebody open to learning and laughing, while producing the best web solutions.

We offer a competitive compensation package that includes salary, performance bonuses, and group benefits coverage. As well, additional perks include a casual work environment (because we needed to emphasize that at this point?!), team building events, paid lunch hour as part of your 8 hour day, free safety glasses for in-office employees (Nerf protection), and free coffee and refreshments to keep you wired up while you’re coding.


  • Flexibility: You get to choose your hours and that’s pretty awesome. Your start time is also flexible. Because we roll like that.
  • Extended Learning: Our team is all about attending events that help broaden our developer horizons.
  • Diversity: Our team is not your average team. We aim to please, but we also have a great time with it.
  • Team Meetings: The person that works with us locally will get to partake in some pretty kick-butt team meetings. There may or may not be beverages consumed.
  • Backup: Unlike other companies, we will never let you fall on your monkey-butt. We work as a team and never leave a developer behind.
  • Competitive Pay: Our pay scale is competitive, so we won’t leave you out to starve. We value your talent and for that you shall be rewarded.


How to apply:

Is this you or someone you know? If so, please send resumes to [email protected]

This position is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Agencies, outsourcing services, or individuals not legally able to work within Canada will NOT be considered.