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Why a website is like a gym membership banner

I have a bone to pick with the web industry. Unfortunately as a whole, we have not taken enough responsibility for our client’s successes.

In many ways, we have been resembling gym memberships. We happily take people’s money and point them towards the weights or cardio machines. In our case, we build them a site and then wish them the best of luck with it.

Like the exercise industry, we need to adapt. Gyms now realize that you are more likely to stick around if you are seeing success. They tie your success with their own.

The web industry needs to put more focus on results. A pretty site design is not going to do anything more for someone than a nice-smelling gym that will get you in better shape. But, if you have a solid plan in both industries, then results are going to happen.

Let’s take the analogy further. It is important to have many stages of goals in place. For instance, if you are training to run a marathon you will need to first master a 10km run. The same holds true for the web. Your ultimate goal could be to have 10,000 unique visitors per month, but you first need to start with 10.

Another commonality between the two is that we are often incapable of properly evaluating ourselves. In the gym, a coach or a trainer will get you the best results. They are capable of evaluating results without being emotionally attached. The same can be said about successfully marketing websites. A professional will always be able to improve a site exponentially.

If you are interested in results, then you need a web partner that puts success ahead of technology. At Cheeky Monkey Media, we are embracing working with our Partners to help them succeed and tying our success with theirs. We like to think of ourselves more like trainers, our solutions just involve technology.

It is our hope that this approach is no longer the exception, but quickly becomes the norm for our industry. Because our clients deserve it. After all, it is 2016.

All good trainers will put you through an assessment when you start training with them. We do something similar for your website. To uncover your website’s weak points and develop a plan for how to tackle them, schedule a website audit. We’ll have you moving in the right direction in no time!