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A request we receive regularly at Cheeky Monkey Media is “Can you develop a quick and simple Drupal theme based on provided the PSDs?”, and instantly I smirk to myself. When it comes to developing a solution for a specific purpose, it can be quick but simple is usually the one that will catch either side with their pants down. More often than not there is more than meets the eye with these requests and there is a bit of a discrepancy between people’s definition of a “theme build” and it’s our job to ensure the expectations for the project are on the same page. When I get this request my first question back is always, “Will you be providing the Drupal site with all the content types, placeholder pages, and views setup, OR do you require this completed as well?”. Simply put I’m attempting to determine if we will respond to just theme an existing site or developing a complete website for our client.


Full Site Build

To us a full site build includes the following components:

  • PSD / Fireworks designs
  • Information Architecture (IA)
    • At the very least a detailed site map
  • No existing site framework exists
  • Selection of a CMS (Content Management System)
  • Content may be provided to be implemented

The resulting deliverable is a fully functional site that is pixel perfect, content types setup, all pages from the IA setup, and if provided content implemented. Turnaround time for a full site build can vary from 1 month to 6 months depending on the complexity of the requirements.


Theme Only Build

To us a theme-only build would include the following components:

  • PSD / Fireworks designs provided
  • A fully functioning wireframe site
    • Wireframe site could be set up in Drupal, WordPress, or PrestaShop
    • The site has its placeholder pages setup, listing/views setup

The resulting deliverable is an integrated theme to the functioning wireframe site based on the designs. The turnaround time for a theme-only build is typical 2 weeks.


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